About Us

Created in February of 2017, The Stallion is a group of students and alumni from all corners of the University of Central Florida that have gathered to satirize the absurdities of college life and more.

Looking to join the family? We currently are looking for writers and those experienced with advertising, social media, and those interested in producing videos – email thesaltystallion@gmail.com .

The Staff

Jake Howard


Jake is a Biomedical Sciences major, outdoorsman, and mechanic for exclusively Ford Rangers. When not blabbering on about the ridiculous things he does to his modes of transportation you can find him power walking through campus. Read his nonsensical tweets at @jjkaehoward.

Trevor Brosseau

Editor in Chief

Trevor Brosseau is a UCF Alumni/quasi-grad student, high school English teacher, coffee drinker, and huge nerd. His hobbies include gaming, cooking, and hanging with his wife and cats – though he is often stuck grading. He is likely the most social antisocial person you’ve never met.

Rachel Brosseau

Editor in Chief of the Chief

Rachel Brosseau is a high school English teacher and Harry Potter enthusiast, and UCF alumni/quasi-grad student. She enjoys correcting other peoples’ grammar, hanging out with her husband and three cats, and agonizing over what to put in her bio. She’d include her social media information, but she’s afraid one of her students might come across this page.

Emily Romero

Aesthetic™ Correspondent (Writer)

Emily is a Computer Science major, artist, and professional defiler of the English language. See her display of obscure memes and objectively bad humor at @emily_radmero.

Spencer Lasday
Greek Interpreter (Writer)

Spencer is a UCF economics student that likes to focus on school but also likes partying. You can find him at both the John C Hitt and Knights Library. Read his very real tweets/instagram posts at @FactsbySpencer.

Alexi Saliba

Expert Photoshopper (Graphic Designer)

Some say that photoshopped once asked her for a tutorial. All we know is Alexi is our graphic designer who seems to always be able to create just the right image for each article. Follow her artistic journey on twitter at @Salibruuh.

Dimitri Tzamaras

Expert Bag Securer and Builder, Juice Boy (Writer)

Dimitri is a junior Journalism major who enjoys writing about sports, politics, and all sorts of other whacky stuff. He has been described as a passionate lover, rugged adventurer, and all-around play-boy. Watch him on Hitting the Field, UCF’s student run sport show, or read his articles with Nicholson Student Media – if that’s too much reading for you, just catch him 140 characters at a time on his twitter @MeechDT.

Matt Ubl

Spaceflight & Broadway Critic (Writer)

Matt is an Aerospace Engineering major, semi-professional playwright, and a firm believer that the Citronaut should be UCF’s official mascot. You can find his semi-monthly tweets at @MattUbl.


Devi Mody

Political Consultant (Writer)

Devi is studying Criminal Justice and Film, and no, she isn’t going to make cop shows. She loves everything Chicago, especially bean shaped art. Her soul may be as cold as ice as she attempts to destroy the patriarchy, but she can’t stay in a room that’s under 80 degrees. Follow her Twitter at @DeviMody for grammatically correct nonsense.

Daniel Ceruti


Some say he was a sleeper agent in Eastern Europe during the turn of the 20th century, adopting the pseudonym Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Other rumors have propounded he was a Playgirl centerfold from 2008-2014.  Nonetheless, he’s now incarnated himself in the form of a UCF journalism student who draws and writes for the Stallion.

Stallion Alumni

Maria Campbell

Writer (Spring 17′)
Maria is a Psychology major and Political Science Minor which means she is great at using Microsoft Word. Her hobbies include being satisfied with life for more than ten minutes and baking cookies. Read her more serious writing for the Odyssey here or follow her on Twitter at @mariaacampbell for more relatable content.

A special thanks to

The FAU’s The Hoot for helping us when we first decided to start this shin dig

Sierra Scott for helping spread our content on Facebook

Rohan Nakka for helping spread our content on Twitter


our readers and many others who made this effort so enjoyable

~The Stallion Staff of  Spring 2017